A New Start... Again

19 June, 2021

What’s Gone?

No more Jenkins template-based project. While I do have a reasonable mastery of Ruby (in particular Rails), I wanted to write something based on tools that I personally prefer (JS, React).

I am no longer deep in a job search, so gone are the portfolio and resume links …for now. I want to focus my efforts on building a single feature first, a Blog, and committing to it.

What’s New?

When I rebuilt this website I wanted to make sure it gave me a platform to truly display my growing mastery of modern JS, with related tools and technologies.

I wanted to build something statically generated and opted to go with Gatsby for the task, due to it’s vibrant plugin market and good support for markdown parsing.

I had a lot of fun in this process. Much like with my previous Jenkins project, all my blog posts are simply markdown files. This time, however, I decided I wanted to write a script to quickly generate a new blog post boilerplate.

What’s Next?

Next up? Well. This is just, essentially, an “MVP”. I want to add new pages, features, and continue to polish the layout and styling. I do, however, want the design to remain minimal. That’s my style, my brand.

Another thing I want to do here, is to finally dive into Unit Testing with Jest. At the moment I have a lot to learn in terms of how to write good unit tests, in particular how to approach implementation of testing to an existing system.

Watch this space as there will probably be a blog post (or a few) which talk about my adventures in Jest, etc.