1. 13 January, 2022

    This last year has been a real challenge to add content to this blog. Here's a brief update on what I am planning on working on as we move forward into 2022.

  2. 10 July, 2021

    When it comes to software engineering, a good proof of concept can go a long way in illustrating solutions. But what makes a good proof of concept? What should we consider? Let's dive into a more philosophical topic and discuss.

  3. 26 June, 2021

    It has been a good week since I entered the wonderful world of unit testing (via Jest) for this, my new personal website and blog. Since that first test, I have refactored my UI and written multiple test suites for each component. Let's discuss!

  4. 21 June, 2021

    Upon setting up this new Blog, one of my goals in moving the codebase to a JS-based platform (Gatsby), was to begin delving into unit testing with Jest. Let's consider how one initial test can help illuminate key code organization changes for my consideration moving forward.

  5. 19 June, 2021

    When it comes to personal websites, starting anew is often a good thing. It allows you to dive into new tools and technologies, to discover new workflows, and generally grow as an engineer. Since I have started a new job and I am no longer in the middle of a grueling search for work, it is time to revisit my personal website.